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This is a short list of papers and publications by Lou Skoda, the Company's principal and research cartomaticist:

Green Electricity Resources of British Columbia, BC Hydro and Canadian Cartographics Ltd, November 2002

Digital map publishing - the next generation, an invited paper presented at the 25th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Cartographic Association at the University of Alberta, May/June, 2000

with Dr. K. Klinka & others, The Distribution of Ecological and Silvical Characteristics of Trees in British Columbia's Forests, Canadian Cartographics Ltd, 1999, 2000

The 90's - the third decade of mapping for Canadian Cartographics Ltd, invited paper presented to Canadian Cartographic Association Annual General Meeting, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec June 2-6, 1992

Map Publishing in Canada, a contribution to the Canadian National Report to the International Cartographic Association 9th General Assembly, Bournemouth, England September-October 1991, CISM Journal, Vol 45, Number 1, Spring 1991, pp112-120

(design cartographer) Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and Belcarra, 1:20,000, Canadian Cartographics Ltd, January 1989

(design cartographer) Biogeoclimatic Zones of British Columbia, Reasearch Branch, Ministry of Forests and Canadian Cartographics, 1988, 1992, 1999

with others, British Columbia and Alberta Road and Recreation Guide, (main map 1:2,500,000, urban areas at 1:150,000), Canadian Cartographics Ltd, Coquitlam, 1988

(design cartographer) Cartographic Support for the Plaintiffs' Evidence, Gitksan and Wet'suwet'en Chiefs, 1987, an atlas document presented to the Supreme Court of British Columbia as evidence, maps at 1:700,000 and 1:1.4million scales and gazetteers

with Rick McDougall, Canada's Pacific Coast Fisheries and Interacting Resource Uses, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Pacific Region, Vancouver 1986

Canada's Pacific Coast Fisheries Resources and Competing Resource Uses, an invited paper presented to a seminar at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, April 11-12, 1985; the seminar was jointly sponsored by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the International Cartographic Association

with J. Balodis, Energy Resources Map of British Columbia, paper presented at the 12th International Conference of the International Cartographic Association, Perth, Western Australia, August 1984, Technical Papers, Vol. 1, 12th ICA Conference Commitee and Australian Institute of Cartographers, Perth, WA, 1984

Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, 1:45,000 street maps, 1:600,000 road map of Vancouver Island 1:250,000 map of the Gulf Islans, Canadian Cartographics Ltd in cooperation with the British Columbia Automobile Association, 1984

Introductory Cartography, Douglas College, New Westminster, British Columbia, 1984

editor, Mapping in British Columbia - 1983, proceedings of the first regional conference, Canadian Cartographic Association, New Westminster, March 26, 1983

Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley, 1:45,000 srteet map with two small scale regional maps, Canadian Cartographics Ltd in cooperation with the British Columbia Automobile Association, 1983

Energy Resources Map of British Columbia - design and production problems, paper presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Cartographic Association at the University of Calgary, Alberta, June 1-5, 1983

with John Balodis, Energy Resources of British Columbia, 1:2million and 1:8million insets, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Victoria, British Columbia, 1982 and Canadian Cartographics Ltd, 1991

Transportation Network and Industrial sites of Lower Mainland, British Columbia, a folio of 7 maps at 1:125,000 and large scales, for the Industrial Development Department, CP Rail, Canadian Cartographics Ltd, Coquitlam, British Columbia, June 1982

cartographic contribution in: V.J. Krajina, K. Klinka and J. Worral, Distribution and Ecological Characteristics of Trees and Shrubs of British Columbia, the University of British Columbia Press, Faculty of Forestry, 1982

Terrace Community Plan - An experiment in Cartographic Communication, paper presented to the joint annual meeting of the Canadian Cartographic Association and the Ontario Institute of Chartered Cartographers, Lindsay, Ontario, June 1982

contribution in A.E. Inselberg, J.L. Heinman, Ecosystems of McMillan Park, Vancouver Island, Ministry of Forests, Province of British Columbia, 1982

Indian Reserves and Settlements in Northwestern British Columbia, 1:500,000 in two sheets, Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, British Columbia Region (unpublished)

with P.J. Courting and others, Biogeoclimatic Units, Victoria-Vancouver, 1:500,000, Research Branch, Ministry of Forests, Victoria, 1981

Application of some Colour Science Concepts to Map Design, paper presented at the Canadian Cartographic Association regional seminar in Edmonton, Alberta, May 1980

with S. Fick and in cooperation with District of Terrace Council, Terrace Community Plan, and Terrace Official Community Plan, Canadian Cartographics Ltd, 1980

Thematic Mapping Industry: Function, Potential and Future, a paper presented at the Canadian Institute of Surveying Seminar on the Growth and Potential of Surveying and Mapping Industry in Canada, Ottawa, February 28, 1979 and at A Seminar on Surveying and Mapping for the Petroleum Industry, Calgary, April 1980

contribution in K. Klinka, W.D. van der Horst, C.F. Nuszdorfer and R.G. Harding, "An Ecosystem Approach to Forest Planning", The Forestry Chronicle, Vol 56, No. 3, June 1980 and An Ecosystematic Approach to a Subunit Plan, Ministry of Forests, Province of British Columbia, July 1980

Travel and Recreation Guide to Northwestern British Columbia, 1:1million and large scale urban insets, the Northwest Travel and Recreation Committee, 1980

with K. Klinka and F. Nuszdorfer, Biogeoclimatic Units of Central and Southern Vancouver Island, presented to the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Northwestern Scientific Association and subsequently published by the Ministry of Forests, Province of British Columbia, 1979

with K. Klinka, Treatment Units, Koprino River Watershed, Vancouver Island, 1:20,000, Research Branch, Ministry of Forests, British Columbia, 1979

with K. Klinka, Biogeoclimatic Units, Nootka-Nanaimo, 1:500,000, Research Branch, Ministry of Forests, Victoria, 1979

Kitimat-Stikine Regional District - Regional Resource Inventory, 1:500,000 and small scale insets on climate and population and large scale insets of the urban areas, a map in two sheets, Kitimat-Stikine Regional District, Terrace, British Columbia, 1978 and 1981

Kitimat-Terrace Industrial Corridor, 1:138,000 and 1:8million, Kitimat-Stikine Regional District, 1978

Report on the British Columbia Forest Service Proposed New Biogeoclimatic Subzone and Treatment Unit Map Series, Research Division, Ministry of Forests, October 1977 (unpublished)

with K. Klinka, Synecological Map of the University of British Columbia Research Forest, presented at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Scientific Association Monmouth, Oregon, March 24-26, 1977; published in The Forestry Chronicle, Vol. 53, No. 6, December 1977

with K. Klinka, Ecosystem Units, University of British Columbia Research Forest, (3 map sheets, 1:10,000), Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia, 1976

Road map of Yukon, the Government of Yukon Territory, May 1976

Transportation Network and Industrial Sites of Lower Mainland, British Columbia (2 map sheets), Department of Industrial Development, C.P.R. Vancouver Region, May 1975 and 1982

Georgia Strait Urban Region (map), Ministry of State for Urban Affairs and Envirnment Canada, Ottawa, 1975

One Page Atlas - a Case Study, a paper presented to the 67th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Institute of Surveying, April 1974. Published in the Canadian Cartographer, Vol. 12, No. 1, June 1975, pp 39-51

Calgary City (a 64-page directory including neighborhood maps and a fold-out map), United News, Calgary, 1973

Foreshore and Waterfront Land Use, Southwestern British Columbia (a map at 1:125,000 in 4 sheets), Land Use Planning Branch, Environment Canada, 1973 (unpublished)

Generalized Land Use, Strait of Georgia-Puget Sound Basin (map, 1:500,000), Land Use Planning Branch Environment Canada, Ottawa, 1973

with J.C. Robertson, Water Use, Strait of Georgia-Puget Sound Basin (main map, 1:500,000 and insets), Land Use Planning Branch, Environment Canada, Ottawa, 1973

with C.I. Jackson, A Mechanical Method of constructing Equal Population Density Maps, paper presented to the 6th International Cartographic Association Conference in Ottawa, August 1972; Discussion Papaer B72.4, Ministry of State for Urban Affairs, Ottawa, 1972

with J.C. Robertson, Isodemographic Map of Canada, Geographical Paper, No. 50, Information Canada, Ottawa, 1972 and 1975



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